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Beninghof: Collaboration Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom

Collaboration Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom

Working closely with other educators poses immense benefits…and can pose immense challenges. Teachers and specialists often find themselves in the position of providing information, suggestions and specific direction to colleagues who may be reluctant (or resistant!) This session will provide specific tools that partners can use to clarify roles, communicate about key topics and solve problems that may arise. Participants will leave with greater confidence and ideas for positive interactions with colleagues on behalf of students.

Here is a link to the recording: https://youtu.be/fAxI5BeVEj8


Presented by Anne Beninghof
Date(s) Pre-Recorded Virtual Training
Time Virtually through November 29th.
Location(s) Pre-Recorded Video Presentation
# Enrolled 19
Presenter(s) Anne Beninghof
Audience All DCE Teachers
Professional Development Hours: 1.5

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