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Cultivate the Conditions for Learning In-person or Virtually

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We are living and teaching in remarkable times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and how we do school. We have learned much and there is still much more to learn. Know that the educators at both the DPI and CESA are learning right along with you and are working hard to be responsive to the needs of Wisconsin educators. As such, the Leading for Learning Series for 2020-21 has shifted to focus on the best practices related to teaching and learning during the pandemic. The Solution Tree speakers have graciously stepped aside to allow this series to address the immediate needs of Wisconsin students and teachers. 

DPI and CESAs will work collaboratively to ensure connectivity and collaboration. The outcomes have shifted to encompass an overall inquiry for 2020-21: How do we provide an equitable education for all learners during COVID-19 and beyond?

Presented by CESA and DPI
Date(s) August 19, 2020
Time 8:00-3:30
Location(s) Virtual
# Enrolled 1
Presenter(s) CESA and DPI
Professional Development Hours: 7.0

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