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This FREE to attend conference is an engaging active learning opportunity geared at sharing innovative instructional technology strategies for your classroom. All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to join your colleagues to collaborate. This year’s Keynote Speakers are Mark Coppin and Sady Paulson.  Get inspired as they share their story of how technology has opened up a world of opportunity.  Everest teachers who attend will earn PD hours for sessions attended.

  1. Register on the DC Everest Professional Development Site
  2. Register and sign up for your sessions on SCHED: wiredconference2020.sched.com

Attendance Process:  Attendance will be taken at the end of each session.  Listen for the session “code” at the end and use the attendance form to submit that code.

Date(s) August 19-20, 2020
Time 8:00-3:00
Location(s) Virtual
Tech Needed Macbook & iPad
# Enrolled 116
Professional Development Hours: 15.0

Sorry, registration unavailable for this session.

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