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Accessibility - Opening Doors Of Access

Every iPad includes built-in assistive features that complement learning for all students. Tools for learning can help every learner grow. In this iBook, you’ll learn how features such as Speak Screen, Safari Reader, and Speech Controller support reading fluency, comprehension, and composition for all learners. This tool kit provides templates and how-to guides to leverage the learning tools on the iPad to provide equity in Accessibility, access, and differentiation in your classroom.

1) Register for this Professional Development Opportunity.

2) Enroll in the Canvas Course.

3) Download the Teacher Toolkit and iWork Templates Opening Doors to Access.

4) Work through the teacher toolkit to learn how to incorporate iPad tools for learning into content learning for all students.

5) Create a lesson that helps teach learners to know, understand, and explore their own strengths and challenges so they can learn and practice tools for learning.

6) Complete the Accessibility: Opening Doors To Access Reflection Assignment

Presented by Tammy Trzebiatowski and Felecity Treptow
Date(s) 6/04/2020 - 8/14/20
Time 1:00 PM
Location(s) Self Paced;Online
# Enrolled 3
Presenter(s) Tammy Trzebiatowski and Felecity Treptow
Professional Development Hours: 3.0

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