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b.e.s.t Talks Video Series -Dr. Eric Hartwig

Dr. Hartwig offered 6 different webex talks this spring below are the recorded versions. Each are worth 1 hour and can be veiwed on your own time. Many of them build on the previous and they are listed in the order they were released. These will be available through July 31. You will not be able to take attendance until after July 31. I will send an email to remind staff to log in and take attendance. Their are briefs associated with the videos that I will send out to staff. 

Defining Purpose in Your Day:

How to Build Relationships With All Children

Two Practices Guaranteed to Change Your Life and The Children You Work With

Personal & Social Adjustment- 5 Ways to Make Your Day

 Dodging the Power Struggle

Why Do We Act the Way We Do...What Can We Expect From Ourselves and the Children When the School Doors Open

Motivation - Are You Zoomed In or Zoomed Out?

Commands vs. Requests: How to Get What You Ask For

Connecting the Dots: Relationships, Purpose and b.e.s.t Practices...A Summary of Our Work

Presented by Dr. Eric Hartwig
Date(s) June and July
Time 8:00 AM
Location(s) YouTube Videos
# Enrolled 51
Presenter(s) Dr. Eric Hartwig
Professional Development Hours: 9.0

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