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Preparing To Launch Distance Learning - Canvas Training

This Canvas Training is designed to quickly prepare educators to move their course from "on the ground" delivery to distance learning. The hope is to help smooth the take-off and prepare for the journey to come. This course covers the essentials of Canvas and provides instruction and resources to help organize your course materials and classroom activities into the online environment.

1. Register HERE, on the DC Everest Professional Development site for this session.

2. Enroll in the DC Everest Professional Development Canvas Course

3. Click on the Distance Learning Canvas Training Button

4. Follow directions on how to access the training portal.

5. Complete the Preparing To Launch Canvas Training Course

6. Complete and submit the Canvas Training Reflection - Preparing To Launch assignment in Canvas

7. After submission review, you will earn 2 hours of Professional Development. 



Date(s) May 11, 2020
Time 8:00 AM
Location(s) On-line, Self-Paced
# Enrolled 10
Professional Development Hours: 2.0

Sorry, registration unavailable for this session.

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