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Adolescent Literacy-Any Teacher Grades 5-12

Targeted PD audience: ANY teacher grades 5-12

TOTAL PD HOURS 5 (you must complete the three webcasts and three written responses) Directions:

On the http://adlit.org website, click on the WEBCASTS link. You will find 3 webcasts:

  • "The Adolescent Literacy Crisis"
  • "English Language Learners"
  • "Ready for College"

After viewing each webcast, go to the"Recommended Resources" link on the website. Choose three or four of the links you find interesting and read/view them. Then, Synthesizing the sources, create a written response for EACH of the THREE webcasts. Use the following questions to guide your responses:

  • What ideas struck you? What were your big ticket take-aways?
  • How are the ideas and information presented related to your instruction? To student performance and assessment in your classroom?
  • Did the work increase your understanding of a particular issue? Did it change your perspective in any way?
  • Describe one idea that you can directly apply to your teaching practices.

Once you have completed the three responses, you will upload them to the "assignments"page on the Canvas Class "Adolescent Literacy" that you will be invited to upon registration for the PD.


Presented by Online at adlit.org
Date(s) Ongoing
Time 8:00 AM
Location(s) Online
# Enrolled 9
Presenter(s) Online at adlit.org
Professional Development Hours: 5.0

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