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No Longer Living Paycheck to Paycheck

This professional development opportunity provides staff a chance to look carefully at their spending habits, net worth, effective methods of paying down and eliminating debt, learning about budgeting, saving, emergency funds, credit cards, investing, financial goal setting and planning for your future.

This is a 4 part series and attendance is requiredat all 4 sessions to receive PD Hours. There will be some short required out-of-class activities and the 4-1 hour mandatory sessions to receive 5 PD hours. No partial hours will be given as information from session to session and out-of-class work is tied together. The workshops will be held at the PD Center and there will be one workshop per week for four weeks. The program is limited to the first 25 people to sign up. There will be a drawing during the last session for a crisp $50 bill!  (There is a small lesson associated to the winning of these funds). Attendees will receive a binder with activities, informational documents and copies of the slide presentations for note-taking.

The district offers this financial wellness program because research shows that many people come to work everyday with some level of stress due to their personal finances.  This program is designed to help people change their financial trajectory, reduce financial stress, and create a plan for financial success in their life. This reduced level of stress helps in their overall wellness which in turn helps them to do better work each day! #dcecares 

With class size limited to 25 if you discover you can not attend, please contact Jane Kemp to remove your registration and allow any staff on a waitlist to attend. We anticipate that there may be high interest and ask that you sign up if you are certain that you can attend all for sessions.

Presented by Jack Stoskopf
Date(s) Required Attendance At All-April 14, April 21, April 28, May 5
Time 5:30-6:30
Location(s) D.C. Professional Development Center
# Enrolled 25 of 26
Presenter(s) Jack Stoskopf
Professional Development Hours: 5.0

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