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Twitter Chats!

Thousands of educators around the world have grown by leaps and bounds professionally by getting connected on Twitter. For educators who thrive on connections, Twitter chats may be the perfect form of professional development. They're free. They focus on just the topic you need. They happen regularly. And they give you access to an instant community, complete with networking opportunities, emotional support and the chance to give back. And you can participate from the comfort of your home! Interested?

1. Register for THIS professional Development

2. Enroll in the Canvas Course: Canvas Professional Development Course

3. Find a Twitter Chat to participate in

4. Complete & submit the Twitter Reflection form in the canvas course

5. Once reviewed, you will be awared 1 hour of Professional Development

6. You can participate as many times as you like!

Date(s) May 15, 2020
Time Time Varies on Twitter Chat
Location(s) D.C. Professional Development Center
# Enrolled 3
Professional Development Hours: 1.0
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