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Self-Paced PD Podcasts on Reading

Directions: Register for the Course in order to be added as a student in the Canvas Podcast Class.  Utilize the link below to access the podcasts you are interested in as outlined in the table of descriptions. Upon completion of EACH podcast, compose a short response to the questions posed below. When you have completed all the topics you are interested in along with their required written responses, you will upload the responses into the Canvas Podcast Course (which you will be invited to once your register for this PD course) and take your final attendance PD hours on the PD website. 

Note: The Canvas Course invite will come in early February, but you can immediately begin work on the PD.


  • What ideas struck you? What were your “big ticket” take-aways?
  • How are the ideas and information presented related to your instruction? To student performance and assessment in your classroom?
  • Did the work increase your understanding of a particular issue? Did it change your perspective in any way?
  • Describe one idea that you can directly apply to your teaching practices.

Link to Podcast Descriptions

Presented by Podcast Presenters
Date(s) Start Date Varies-Individual Online Opportunity
Time 8:00 AM
Location(s) Online Opportunity
# Enrolled 42
Presenter(s) Podcast Presenters
Professional Development Hours: 8.0

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