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Sign Language 101: Basic Conversation Skills

Since several D.C. Everest students use sign language to communicate, we felt it would be helpful to offer the opportunity for teachers and staff to learn basic communications skills that will help them to connect with students in their classes. Learn Fingerspelling, Greetings, Questions & Answers, Expressions, etc. Heidi would like the class to fit your needs, so bring ideas of what you feel would benefit you to know.

Presented by Heidi Erickson
Date(s) November 8, November 19, and November 26
Time 3:15-4:15 p.m.
Location(s) DCE Sr. High Room 108
# Enrolled 8 of 25
Presenter(s) Heidi Erickson
Audience Anyone interested in learning basic sign language communication skills.
Professional Development Hours: 3.0

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