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What is Love and Logic for Teachers

What is Love and Logic® for Teachers?


Love and Logic® is a method of working with students which was developed by educational expert Jim Fay, child psychiatrist Foster W. Cline, M.D. and Charles Fay, Ph. D.  Love and Logic® has many tools for educations, Principals, and districts that promote healthy parent/teacher and teacher/student relationships and positive school wide discipline.  And yes, Love and Logic® works with all other school discipline programs.  It actually makes them better! 


Why is works:

  • When adults take care of themselves, they hand the problem back to the student who created it.
  • When the student has to solve the problem, they have to think.
  • When students have to think, they learn that decisions have consequences.
  • When students have to deal with consequences, they learn to think.
  • When we allow students to deal with the consequences, they learn to think before they cause a problem.
  • When the student learns to ask themselves, “How is this behavior going to affect me?” they have learned self-control 


Love and Logic® helps educators, administrators, and counselors:

  • Set limits in the classroom without anger 
  • Provide underachievers hope when the going gets tough
  • Raise the odds for kids to stay in school
  • Build strong connections between home and school
  • Manage disruptive students both immediate and long term
  • Make teaching and learning more fun and productive
  • Get and keep students attention
  • Build positive student-teacher relationships
  • Help students own and solve their own problems
  • Bully proof children, diffuse power struggles, and handle difficult people 




Pete Tabor is a Grade 1-2 Multiage Teacher at Mountain Bay Elementary.  He has taught both parents and teachers the tools of Love and Logic® for over 17 years.  Melissa Meyer is a school counselor at Evergreen Elementary.  She brings over 15 years of experience helping students, parents, and teachers discover Love and Logic®.  


Presented by Pete Tabor and Melissa Meyer
Date(s) June 11,12 and 13
Time 8:30-3:00
Location(s) TBD
# Enrolled 12 of 25
Presenter(s) Pete Tabor and Melissa Meyer
Professional Development Hours: 19.5

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