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Twitter Chat with Scott Strand
The Middle School will be hosting a Twitter chat on Monday from 7-8pm. Stay home and engage in PD, (we like to call this win-win), that evening and follow the hashtag #dcechat or Scott Strand (@MrScottStrand) to participate. The focus of our chat will be about student (Ss) behaviors. At the end of the year Ss often get fired up and have a hard time focusing on learning, so how can we introduce a new mindset, build more engaging lessons that keep Ss engaged, or help change Ss behaviors to focus them on learning?  The incentive? Get great new ideas, engage with teachers from across the district, and get ONE HOUR OF PD if you use the #dcechat during that hour to post or respond to someone else's post using the #dcechat! Just make sure to use the hashtag in your tweet during the hour to get your credit. See you on Twitter Monday from 7-8pm! Presented by Scott Strand
Date(s) April 16, 2018
Time 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location(s) Online
# Enrolled 2
Presenter(s) Scott Strand
Professional Development Hours: 1.0

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