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Autism Summer 2017: Building Communication Skills in Individuals Who are Less Verbal • 6/27/17

Autism Summer 2017: Creating Supportive Classrooms: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of our Students • 7/31/17

Autism Summer 2017: How to Manage when Emotions and Behaviors Get Big • 8/10/17

Autism Summer 2017: Promoting Independence Across Environments • 7/24/17

Autism Summer 2017: Understanding and Learning to Celebrate Autism and other Sensory and Movement Differences • 6/20/17

Autism Summer 2017: Understanding, Supporting, and Teaching Executive Functioning Skills for Your Students • 7/25/17

AVMR Closed Group • 8/10/17

CESA #9 Presents Helping Students Through Trauma and Loss • 6/22/17

CPM Training-CLOSED GROUP Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra

CPR/Aed & First Aid Blended Learning Class • 6/12/17

CPR/Aed & First Aid Blended Learning Class • 8/17/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Fifth Grade • 6/20/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - First Grade • 6/13/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Fourth Grade • 6/19/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Kindergarten • 6/12/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Second Grade • 6/14/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Third Grade • 6/15/17

ISN 2017 PBL Summer Institute • 6/22/17


Teaching-Learning-Leading Preliminary Sign-up • 8/14/17

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CPR/Aed & First Aid Blended Learning Class

The Adult First Aid/CPR/AED blended learning course will prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing and cardiac emergencies involving adults (age 8+). The online portion features simulation learning – an interactive experience where you will respond to real-world emergencies in a virtual setting and practice the skills that will prepare you for the instructor-led classroom skill session. Allow up to 2 hours to complete the online portion if you are new to First Aid/CPR/AED training or 45 minutes if you have previously received certification. The online course must be completed prior to attending the classroom portion of blended learning. This certification meets the requirements for coaching.


You will need to create an account. Once this is done you can “Launch” the course and complete the course on your time and at your pace. Once completed, print the “certificate of completion” or take a picture with your phone and bring with you to the skills session. You are ready to attend the 1.5 hour skills session for Adult (age 8+) First aid and CPR/AED.

Presented by Online and Karen Wegge
Date(s) Online Requirement Prior to Class on June 12, 2017
Time 9:00-10:30
Location(s) Greenheck Wellness Conference Room
Presenter(s) Online and Karen Wegge
Professional Development Hours: 3.5
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Current Attendees:

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