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Autism Summer 2017: Building Communication Skills in Individuals Who are Less Verbal • 6/27/17

Autism Summer 2017: Creating Supportive Classrooms: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of our Students • 7/31/17

Autism Summer 2017: How to Manage when Emotions and Behaviors Get Big • 8/10/17

Autism Summer 2017: Promoting Independence Across Environments • 7/24/17

Autism Summer 2017: Understanding, Supporting, and Teaching Executive Functioning Skills for Your Students • 7/25/17

AVMR Closed Group • 8/10/17

CESA #9 Presents Helping Students Through Trauma and Loss • 6/22/17

CPM Training-CLOSED GROUP Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra

CPR/Aed & First Aid Blended Learning Class • 8/17/17

MCSE Summer Academy 2017 - Differentiated Instruction for All • 7/18/17

MCSE Summer Academy 2017 - Meaningful Assessment for Instruction • 7/19/17

MCSE Summer Academy 2017 - School Culture and Climate • 7/17/17

Nurturing Young Writers • 6/29/17

PLI Training Closed Group • 8/17/17

Science Discovery Techbook Workshop K-5 • 6/29/17

Science Discovery Techbook Workshop K-5 • 8/8/17

Teaching English Language Learners-Modules • 12/31/17

Teaching-Learning-Leading Preliminary Sign-up • 8/14/17

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CESA #9 Presents Helping Students Through Trauma and Loss

Please do preapproval and postapproval in Skyward to receive professional development hours.

This is a CESA #9 event. Course fee and optional course credit are the responsibility of the staff member.

Register here:login.myquickreg.com/register/event/event.cfm

Course Fee is $190. There is an additional opportunity for ONE GRADUATE CREDIT, (Viterbo University additional $200). Spend two days with Julie Petersen learning how to become a "witness” to a child's traumatic experience, as well as how to best appreciate the intensity of the experience and the needs of the child. Experience the child’s perspective and learn how to support success in school. Julie will demonstrate how The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children’s evidence-based, structured sensory intervention process brings children and adolescents relief from the terror of their traumatic experiences. This structured process is used in schools and agencies across the country and has been proven, via research, to reduce trauma-specific reactions across all three major subcategories of PTSD, while increasing school performance and decreasing school absences and office discipline referrals. These strategies could be considered Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 interventions for students dealing with trauma and loss. DAY 1 will concentrate on how the brain reacts to trauma and ways to use a variety of sensory techniques to help children of grief and trauma. Time will be spent caring for the caregiver as well. DAY 2 will be spent exploring a variety of techniques designed to move students from being victims of their experience to becoming survivors. Activities include resources dealing with anxiety, group and individual process using TLC process, mindfulness for adults and children, resiliency activities as well as time to develop an implementation plan for your caseload.

Presented by CESA #9
Date(s) June 22 and 23, 2017
Time 9:00-3:30
Location(s) CESA #9 Tomahawk
Presenter(s) CESA #9
Credits / Cost 1 Credits
DCE Staff = $200/credit ($200 total)
Professional Development Hours: 15.0
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Current Attendees:

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