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Autism Networking: Data Analysis 101 - (FBA & BIP) • 4/10/17

Autism Networking: FBA Forms & Behavioral Intervention Plans • 5/15/17

Autism Networking: Visual Supports for Transition • 3/6/17

CPI Refresher • 2/28/17

CPI Refresher • 4/20/17

DLM Refresher • 2/20/17

Intermediate Standards Based Teaching, Learning and Grading • 2/28/17

Introduction to Zones of Regulation • 3/20/17

Love and Logic • 2/20/17

Love and Logic • 2/20/17

PDP Beginning Process Workshop • 3/4/17

PDP Verification Process Workshop • 3/22/17

Thirtieth Annual Children's Book Fest • 3/7/17

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PDP Verification Process Workshop

This workshop is for teachers and administrators who are completing their 3-5 year PDP process and are ready for the steps of PDP verification. The workshop will include reviewing and checking for elements that are required for approval of a PDP including: artifacts showing evidence of student and professional growth; collaboration with peers; timelines for activities; and end-of-year reflections. A list of D.C. Everest educators, administrators, and higher education representatives will be shared, and participants may choose to use this list to create their PDP team who will review and verify the PDP. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Please bring an electronic device to the workshop.

(Please note that a different workshop for teachers and administrators who need support writing the beginning of their PDP is offered on Saturday, March 4, from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the PD Center. Please check the staff development website for further information to register.)

Presented by Stacey Daigle and Barb Lawrence
Date(s) March 22, 2017
Time 4:30-6:30
Location(s) D.C. Professional Development Center
Presenter(s) Stacey Daigle and Barb Lawrence
Professional Development Hours: 2.0
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Current Attendees:

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