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Autism Summer 2017: Building Communication Skills in Individuals Who are Less Verbal • 6/27/17

Autism Summer 2017: Creating Supportive Classrooms: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of our Students • 7/31/17

Autism Summer 2017: How to Manage when Emotions and Behaviors Get Big • 8/10/17

Autism Summer 2017: Promoting Independence Across Environments • 7/24/17

Autism Summer 2017: Understanding and Learning to Celebrate Autism and other Sensory and Movement Differences • 6/20/17

Autism Summer 2017: Understanding, Supporting, and Teaching Executive Functioning Skills for Your Students • 7/25/17

AVMR Closed Group • 8/10/17

CESA #9 Presents Helping Students Through Trauma and Loss • 6/22/17

CPM Training-CLOSED GROUP Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra

CPR/Aed & First Aid Blended Learning Class • 6/12/17

CPR/Aed & First Aid Blended Learning Class • 8/17/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Fifth Grade • 6/20/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - First Grade • 6/13/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Fourth Grade • 6/19/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Kindergarten • 6/12/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Second Grade • 6/14/17

Developing a Writing Scope & Sequence - Third Grade • 6/15/17

ISN 2017 PBL Summer Institute • 6/22/17


Teaching-Learning-Leading Preliminary Sign-up • 8/14/17

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DLM Refresher


Training is required for all educators who will administer Dynamic Learning Maps alternate assessments in 2016-17. The training course for returning test administrators is designed for test administrators who completed all training requirements in the previous school year. Returning test administrators must successfully complete one module with a passing score on all four parts of the post-test before the first test administration window of the year for the state begins. States that administer science assessments also have a supplemental science training video for users to complete.

The returning test administrators required training is estimated to last less than one hour unless the module is not successfully completed on the first attempt. This includes the video and time to independently complete the post-test.

Presented by Jamie Rannow
Date(s) Monday, February 20, 2017
Time 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Location(s) Administration Building Conference Room
Presenter(s) Jamie Rannow
Professional Development Hours: 2.0
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Current Attendees:

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