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Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools and Homes: With Dr. Becky Bailey

*Please note the professional development hours earned will be available for 2019-2020. Schedule extends beyond 2018-2019 cutoff.

Description: Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools and Homes: With Dr. Becky Bailey This newly expanded and updated 10-session course with Dr. Becky Bailey will equip educators and parents alike with a foundational understanding of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model and how to create safe, connected and problem-solving environments that allow adults and kids to function in their optimal brain state. Discover how to bully-proof your classroom through emotional intelligence. Creating the School family will help you systematically create the positive school climate that is integral to academic success. Administrators and teachers alike will learn how to transform school culture using twelve classroom structures essential for creating inclusive, compassionate, bully-free learning environments. This fundamental shift in education and classroom management will help you step into a world where intrinsic motivation, helpfulness and connection govern your classroom. Each meeting will be at Mountain Bay.  We will view each module together and complete the study guide.  You have the option of viewing the modules on your own and turning in the completed study guides for PD credit.

Presented by Pete Tabor
Date(s) January 16, 30- Feb 12, 26- March 5, 20 - April 10, 24 and May 8, 22. Module Viewing begin at 4:00
Time 4:00 PM
Location(s) Mt Bay Room 128
# Enrolled 21 of 25
Presenter(s) Pete Tabor
Professional Development Hours: 15.0

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