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Getting your Personal Financial House In Order

This PD opportunity will cover a number of topics related to personal finance, insurance, saving, investing, emergency funds, paying off debt, HSA’s, HRA’s, Roth IRA’s and more. The session is half discussion and half interactive work examining where you spend your money and setting up a well planned and organized personal budget. This session is for any and all staff members. It is information I wish was presented to me when I was a young teacher! The session is planned for 2 hours.

To get the most out the session, while building a personal budget it would be helpful to bring a couple months of credit card statements, as well as the last two bank statements, and check register. (not required, however, to get a lot out of this session).

Disclaimer: None of what is discussed in this workshop is considered legal advice or financial advice, nor does it assure financial gains, personal benefits for individuals or families, guarantees of improvements of any kind if the suggestions here are implemented by attendees.

The purpose of this workshop is to give our staff members the opportunity to consider some options relating to their, budget, finances, savings, investing, various insurances, retirement planning, debt, credit cards, college loans, and things of that nature. It is an opportunity to take some time to look at their current situation and consider making changes in their current practices if they feel it may improve their situation in any of the areas discussed. This is not considered professional financial nor legal advice in any way shape or form. Attendees can implement, question, consider, or ignore any and all topics discussed.

Presented by Jack Stoskopf
Date(s) February 27, 2019
Time 4:00-6:00
Location(s) D.C. Professional Development Center
# Enrolled 26 of 45
Presenter(s) Jack Stoskopf
Professional Development Hours: 2.0

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Session Support File
Personal Finance Template     Excel

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