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PLI Training (closed group) OPTIONAL

This training is ongoing support for PLI teachers to analyze where students are at.

The goals of this time would be to offer direct support to each other to consider where your students are at right now and where they're headed. Please bring your student running records, either a few pictures of your student writing or their writing notebooks, anecdotal notes and intervention log (attendance/where you are recording their running record percentages)

Questions/concepts we will consider:

- Where are my students at now and where do I want them to be? (goals)

- What behaviors am I noticing? (what are my students relying on?)

- Prompting ideas (I will have video examples as well as some resources to share)

- I have this student who...;

- How can I target what I see these students doing and focus my teaching more intentionally?

Specific questions you have about any part of the PLI lesson you would like help with- please email me ahead and let me know.

Presented by Tina Spiegel
Date(s) December 19, 2018
Time 4:00-6:00
Location(s) Mountain Bay Rm 162
# Enrolled 2
Presenter(s) Tina Spiegel
Professional Development Hours: 2.0

Sorry, registration unavailable for this session.

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