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Autism Networking: Data Analysis 101 - (FBA & BIP) • 4/10/17

Autism Networking: FBA Forms & Behavioral Intervention Plans • 5/15/17

Autism Networking: Visual Supports for Transition • 3/6/17

CPI Refresher • 2/28/17

CPI Refresher • 4/20/17

DLM Refresher • 2/20/17

Intermediate Standards Based Teaching, Learning and Grading • 2/28/17

Introduction to Zones of Regulation • 3/20/17

Love and Logic • 2/20/17

Love and Logic • 2/20/17

PDP Beginning Process Workshop • 3/4/17

PDP Verification Process Workshop • 3/22/17

Thirtieth Annual Children's Book Fest • 3/7/17

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Documentation of Professional Development for Salary Hours

Salary Hours Form to Attach in Skyward Suggested Usage:
This form is used to request professional development hours obtained through an outside institution or a project proposal.
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Session Support Files

1.7 Teaching Learning Leading-For Credit
Instructional Leadership: Teaching-Learning-Leading     Viterbo Course Syllabus
Become Unshakeable Using Love and Logic
Unshakeable Syllabus and Registration     Viterbo Course
Functional Behavior Assessments & Behavioral Intervention Plans (2 days)
FBA & BIP Notes     Notes transcribed from large note pad sheets
Transitions, Transitions, Transitions! How to Make them ALL Go More Smoothly For Everyone!
Transitions Information     Info doc explaining session
Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and Building Self-Healing Communities
Registration Packet     Forms if taking class for credit

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