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Outside Events Requiring Pre-Approval and Post-Approval in Skyward

Sessions under this category require pre-approval and post-approval to be done in Skyward by teachers. Registration with outside organization is responsibility of staff. Any fees associated with sessions are responsibility of staff.

Teaching English Language Learners-Modules
Presented by The Iris Center-Vanderbilt College
Online Modules

Current D.C. Everest Professional Development Opportunities

The events listed here are upcoming professional development opportunities at D.C. Everest. Sessions under this category DO NOT need pre-approval and post-approval to be done in Skyward. Professional Development hours will be added for you.

CPI Refresher
Presented by Andy Low
Admin Board Room
August 21, 2017
CPI Training - Full Course
Presented by Trena Loomans
D.C. Professional Development Center
August 23, 2017
GoFit App PE Teachers (Closed Session)
Presented by Jo Bailey
Sr High IMC
August 28, 2017
Clips - Apple's Newest iOS App
Presented by Felecity Treptow
D.C. Professional Development Center
Thursday, September 28, 2017

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